Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) Graduation Ceremony

Posted on 13.01.2023

On 15 December 2022, the Graduation Ceremony was held at the Medicine Buddha Hall to award certificates to the sixth cohort of English BA, seventh cohort of Chinese BA and the third cohort of MA. Rector Venerable Kwang Sheng, Vice-Rectors Venerable Dr. Chuan Sheng, Venerable Chuan Hou and Venerable Chuan Xiong, the Head of Admin Office Venerable Chuan Li, the Head of Monastic Training Office Venerable Jiu Lin, staff, students, and guests attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with paying homage and offering of flowers to the Buddha. The Rector then gave a speech congratulating the students on completing their studies. He reminded the students to be grateful to the college for educating them and to the public for generously supporting them; and encouraged the students to continue developing their character, learning from experiences, and practicing the Buddhist path after graduation. In the past few years, everyone faced a lot of challenges. With the Bodhicitta mind, one can overcome many difficulties. Life is short, life is impermanent, but you can shine.


Thereafter, the Rector presented certificates to the graduates, and the student representatives gave a thank you speech. Subsequently the Rector led everyone to dedicate merit to all sentient beings and recite The Four Great Bodhisattva Vows. The ceremony ended with a group photo taking to commemorate this joyous occasion.