BCS School Re-opening Ceremony for Academic Year 2019/2020

Posted on 06.09.2019

At 10:30am on 2 September 2019, the Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) held its re-opening ceremony for the new academic year. The ceremony was graced by the Rector Most Venerable Kwang Sheng, Vice-Rectors Venerable Dr. Chuan Sheng, Venerable Chuan Hou and Venerable Chuan Xiong, the Head of Administration Venerable Quan Zhi, the Head of Monastic Training Venerable Chuan Kong, the Vice Dean of Nuns’ Campus Venerable Xian Guang, Class Mentors and esteemed lecturers.

Venerable Kwang Sheng first welcomed the students back to the College. He said the College had been established for more than a decade and he was happy to see some accomplishments, all of which arose according to their conditions. To have the conditions to study here, students need to be grateful to all the Dharma protectors, devotees, staff and resident monks for their relentless support. The College tries its best to provide students with a good learning and nurturing environment. Although not every student can be successful, wholesome seeds have been planted and students may find the knowledge gained now to be beneficial in the future. He also reminded the students to always uphold the code of conduct and maintain one’s decorum. Finally, he urged the students to not be afraid of making mistakes, as taking the initiative to correct oneself is part of learning.

After the speech, the audience was shown a video of the students attending the summer vacation retreat in Thailand. Following that, the Rector presented awards to the top students of the last academic year and photos were taken to commemorate the occasion.