MA Programme


The Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) is a tertiary education institute initiated and actively pursued by Venerable Kwang Sheng, the current abbot of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. BCS has a strong faculty comprising lecturers with professional qualifications. With aims of grooming highly educated talents in Dharma propagation and academic research, the college offers Master of Arts programmes in Chinese and English to the Sangha.

BCS objective is to broaden the students’ horizon of Buddhist Studies by introducing the different kinds of methodology used in the discipline, deepening understanding in various areas of interest, developing the ability to think, analyse and express ideas clearly, and imparting the skills needed for thesis research and writing, thereby preparing students better for the role of promoting Buddhism.

~ 2-year MA Course taught in Chinese (Detail PDF) ~

~ 2-year MA Course taught in English (Detail PDF) ~

[ MCU’s Grading System for MA Course ]

Grade Score Grade Point
A 95-100 4
A- 90-94 3.67
B+ 85-89 3.33
B 80-84 3
C+ 75 – 79 2.5
C 70 – 74 2
F Below 70 0


Evaluation of MA Thesis

Grade Score Result
A 90-100 Excellent
B+ 85-89 Good
B 80-84 Pass
F Below 80 Fail


MA Graduation Criteria

  • Completed 41 credits
  • Obtain at least grade “B” for Thesis and each “required” subject
  • The thesis or a part of the thesis is considered to be publishable in journal or academic printing, or the thesis is proposed for publication at an academic meeting.