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The Singaporean Journal of Buddhist Studies is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published by the Buddhist College of Singapore. It seeks to promote discussions, interactions and collaborations amongst scholars in Buddhism and to publish their latest research on Buddhism. Research papers from Buddhist scholars around the world are all welcome.

Papers in Mandarin should not exceed 15,000 words, but due consideration will be given in special circumstances and for English submissions. Original research on different Buddhist traditions and fields and book reviews are welcome. Submissions in line with the Journal’s objectives or thematic issues will be sent for two or more blind peer reviews. Papers will be published strictly on their merits. However, previously published papers will not be accepted.

The Journal will provide a common and bilingual platform for both Eastern and Western scholars to present the latest scholarship in Buddhist academia in English and Mandarin. Papers may be written in either English or Chinese, but an abstract, key words and author information should be accompanied by a translation in English or Chinese.

All submissions should consist of two documents: the article itself with abstract (appended before the main article), and a document indicating the author’s name, affiliation as well as email address.

English papers should follow the guidelines in the 16th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please refer to “Formatting Style” for guidelines on Chinese papers.

Please do not submit your paper to more than one publication at one time. If the author does not receive a reply of acceptance within three months from the date of submission, this usually means that the paper is rejected. Nevertheless, comments from SJBS peer reviewers will be provided. If the paper is amended according to the comments and resubmitted, please indicate an expression of appreciation to the anonymous peer reviewer(s). Once the paper is accepted for publication, submission to other publications is not allowed, except with the expressed permission from SJBS for inclusion in the author’s personal publication.

The Journal will be published once a year and opened for free access on the College’s website. Authors who do not wish to make their articles available for free download should indicate that clearly when making their submissions.

The author will be given 2 copies of the Journal and 5 copies of his/her own paper. No additional remuneration will be provided.

Please submit your papers to:

Documents Journal Archive Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Office Chair

Editorial Board


Ji Yun (Assistant Professor, Buddhist College of Singapore)

Advisory Board (in Alphabetical order according to surname)

Robert E. Buswell, Jr. (Professor, University of California, Los Angeles)
Chen Chien-Huang (Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Chen Jinhua(Professor, University of British Columbia)
Fang Guangchang (Professor, Shanghai Normal University)
Richard F. Gombrich (Professor, University of Oxford)
Paul Harrison (Professor, Stanford University)
Lo Yuet Keung (Professor, National University of Singapore)
Wang Bangwei (Professor, Peking University)

Editorial Board (in Alphabetical order according to surname)

Rangama Chandawimala (Assistant Professor, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Chang Qing (Assistant Professor, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Chen Huaiyu (Associate Professor, Arizona State University)
Chen Ruixuan (PhD candidate, Leiden University)
Chien I-Kuang (Assistant Professor, Fujian Normal University)
Chin Shih-Foong (Freelance Researcher)
Chuan Sheng (Associate Professor, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Chuan Xiong (Lecturer, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Ding Yuan (Associate Professor, Shanghai Normal University)
Feng Guo-dong (Professor, Zhejiang University)
Gu Wei Kang (Assistant Professor, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Guang Xing (Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong)
Hwansoo I. Kim (Assistant Professor, Duke University)
Lawrence Lau (Associate Professor, Fudan University)
Li Xiao-rong (Professor, Fujian Normal University)
Lin Chen-kuo (Professor, National Chengchi University)
Liu Zhen (Professor, Fudan University)
Ming Fa (Lecturer, Buddhist College of Singapore)
Pu Chengzhong (Research Associate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Michael Radich (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington)
Tansen Sen (Professor, City University of New York)
Ken Su (Freelance Researcher)
Sun Ying-gang (Professor, Fudan University)
Teng Wei-jen (Assistant Professor, Dharma-Drum Institute of Liberal Arts)
Wei Shan (Associate Professor, Renmin University of China)
Wu Jiang (Associate Professor, University of Arizona)
Wu Keping (Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore)
Ye Shaoyong (Associate Professor, Peking University)
Yit Kin-Tung (Associate Professor, National Sun Yat-Sen University)
Zhang Yunjiang (Associate Professor, Huaqiao University)
Zhang Yu (Researcher, Shanghai Foreign Languages University)
Zhiru (Professor, Pomona College)

(updated on 20.06.2016)