BCS Re-opening Ceremony for Academic Year 2022/2023 Semester 1

Posted on 19.09.2022

On 12 September 2022 at 10.20am, the Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) held its re-opening ceremony for the new semester in the Hall of No Form. The Rector, Venerable Kwang Sheng, graced the ceremony attended by the Vice Rectors, Venerable Chuan Sheng, Venerable Chuan Hou and Venerable Chuan Xiong, Head of Administration, Venerable Chuan Li, Head of Monastic Training, Venerable Jiu Lin, together with class mentors and all lecturers and students.

Venerable Kwang Sheng welcomed everyone back to the college and offered three pointers to inspire the students.  First, he encouraged the senior students to take care of and help the new students. He also exhorted all students to cherish this hard to come by opportunity by studying diligently and seeking frequently the guidance and advice of Venerables, teachers and senior students. Second, Venerable Kwang Sheng highlighted the importance of developing humility and gratitude. Nurturing humility, which is part of self-cultivation, leads to unceasing learning and attainments. Gratitude, the great wisdom of life, empowers us to experience the beauty of nature, the goodness of life, and the steadfastness of a healthy, bright and wholesome mind. Gratitude teaches us to be less petty and more appreciative and thankful toward the people and environment around us. Third, Venerable Kwang Sheng spurred the students, in their learning journey in BCS, to be more mindful and vigilant in self-discipline and to observe rigorous standards by constantly maintaining the proper norms of restraint in speech and action, because their behaviour and demeanour represent the image of BCS as well as the spiritual bearing of Buddhist monastics.

The ceremony culminated in the Rector presenting awards to the top students of the last academic year and ended with a photo-taking session.