BCS Re-opening Ceremony for Academic Year 2022/2023 Semester 2

Posted on 16.03.2023

On 6 March 2023 at 11am, the Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) held its re-opening ceremony for the new semester in the Hall of No Form. The Rector Most Venerable Kwang Sheng graced the ceremony attended by the Vice Rectors Venerable Chuan Sheng and Venerable Chuan Xiong, the Head of Administration Venerable Chuan Li, the Head of Monastic Training Venerable Jiu Lin, together with class mentors and all lecturers and students.

Most Venerable Kwang Sheng welcomed everyone back to the college. He mentioned two points to the students. First, to always have a grateful mind—toward our teachers, fellow monastics and all those who have supported and helped create a conducive environment for learning. Second, to make full use of the good conditions to study hard and progress further to obtain the master’s degree. The Rector graciously ended the ceremony with his blessings.